Pivot – Enabling Innovation in Agriculture: 
Bashford-Nicholls Trust – Massey University Premier Research Award


The Pivot – Enabling Innovation in Agriculture: Bashford-Nicholls Trust – Massey University Premier Research Award (Pivot Award) offers an opportunity to realise the remarkable potential of the agricultural sector in Taranaki, to help Taranaki communities flourish.  The Pivot Award supports research projects or research translation initiatives with the potential to influence the future of agriculture and/or veterinary science and effect change in the Taranaki region.

The Pivot Award is a joint initiative between the Bashford-Nicholls Trust and Massey University.  The award was launched in 2019, with the first projects to be funded from late 2019.  It has a focus on researchers working alongside stakeholders to undertake research and/or to apply the findings of research, in order to create change for communities, businesses, industries and/or the environment in the Taranaki region. 



The research project must be designed to be completed within 12 months of the funding being awarded.

Application timeline

Applications open on Monday, 21st July 2021 and close on Friday, 1st October 2021.  Decisions will be announced in November 2021.

Eligibility criteria

In order to be considered, applications must meet all the applicant and project eligibility criteria.  Information must be provided to allow the Committee to assess whether the application meets the eligibility criteria.

Applicant eligibility criteria

This award is for:

Massey University researchers who wish to undertake research, or employ their research knowledge and expertise, with an organisation, industry, community group or individual in the Taranaki region AND/OR

Organisations or individuals seeking to work with Massey University researchers, to develop economic, social or environmental benefit for the Taranaki region.

Preference will be given to applicants with a strong personal or professional attachment to the Taranaki region and a demonstrated ability to deliver positive economic, social or environmental outcomes from their research.  The intention is that all members of the team will be based within New Zealand, however consideration will be given to teams that include international experts.

Application process

Applications are welcome from all eligible Massey University researchers in collaboration with an organisation, industry, community group or individual in the Taranaki region.

The Guidelines for Applicants give full details on the funds including eligibility and assessment criteria.  The guidelines for 2021 will be available here in March 2021.  In the meantime, please direct all queries to one of the advisors listed below.

Applications must be completed using the Community Force online application portal.  To complete an application, click on the online application button below.  Note: We recommend using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari browsers to complete the application.

Apply Here

Templates for supporting documentation

As part of the online application process, you will be asked to upload a Research Proposal and Project Plan, and an indicative Budget.  In addition, Massey University staff members applying as team leaders must complete and upload a signed declaration of support from their heads of academic unit. 

The templates for these documents can be downloaded here. 

  1. Research Proposal and Project Plan Template  Pivot BNT-MU Premier Research Award Research Proposal and Project Plan Template (218 KB)
  2. Budget Template  Pivot BNT-MU Premier Research Award Budget (216 KB)

They are also available in the online application portal.

contact details

For general enquiries about this Award please contact:
Eve Kawana-Brown
Business Development Manager (Taranaki)
Massey University
E: E.Kawana-Brown@massey.ac.nz      M: 021 881 245

If you would like assistance with developing your idea or writing your proposal, please contact Massey University’s research advisors: rmsrda@massey.ac.nz(Please note: allow 10 working days before the deadline for close of applications).


The Bishop’s Action Foundation (BAF) is a charitable organisation that works throughout Taranaki researching, collaborating and supporting projects that help the Taranaki community to flourish.  It manages the scholarships provided by the Bashford-Nicholls Trust (The Trust), which operates two dairy farms in South Taranaki with the aim of generating surpluses to enable scholarships for agriculture and veterinary science study and research. 

Massey University is internationally recognized for its research in agri-food, veterinary medicine and sciences and engineering.  Its researchers in these areas, and within the fields of environmental and resource management, Māori knowledge development and social and health sciences, significantly contribute to New Zealand’s social, economic and environmental wellbeing. 

Massey University and the BAF have agreed to a new partnership fund that will advance the objectives of both the University and The Trust as managed by BAF.  This partnership fund provides the opportunity to advance the objectives of all three organisations. 

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