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Requesting print copies of study resources in Stream

You can request print copies of study resources within Stream. There is no charge for this service. Internal students can pick up resources from their campus. Distance students can either pick resources up from a campus or have them posted to them. Please allow one to three working days before you pick up resources from a campus and five to seven days for postal deliveries. For more information see requesting print resources frequently asked questions.

How to request print copies of resources

  1. Click the Request Print Copies button on the right-hand side of the window (Fig 1.) If you see a different button, click on the button for information.

    Fig 1. Request Print Copies button

  1. or click on the Course Dashboard icon for the other themed courses



  1. Internal students:
    In the Delivery or Pick up section select a campus from the Pick up from campus drop-down menu (Fig 2). Please allow one to three working days before you pick up your resources.
    Fig 2. Pick up from campus drop-down menu

    Distance students:
    You can either pick up your resources from any Massey University campus or have them posted to you.

    To pick up from a campus complete the step above for internal students.

    To have the resources posted to you make sure the Pick up from campus drop-down says Choose... and check the details in the Send to address section (Fig 3). You can change the address details. However this will not change your address within our main system. If you want to change your address formally please contact us. Please allow five to seven working days for delivery.

  2. print3.gif
    Fig 3. Send to address

  3. A list of resources that are currently available for printing will be displayed below the address details section. New resources may become available throughout the semester so we encourage you to check this section regularly. Click the check boxes next to the resources you want printed and click Submit (Fig 4). Only PDF files and book resources can be printed for you by Massey.


    Figure 4. Resources example with Submit button.

  4. A Submission Progress window will appear while your application is being processed (Fig 5). 

    Fig. 5 Submission Progress window.

  5. You can track the process of your request for all your courses in the Print Request block. Click on the Track requests link to view details (Fig 6).
    Fig 6. Track requests link.

  6. If you make a new print request you will be able to see what you have already requested and any new or changed resources (Fig 7.)

    Fig 7. List of updated resources.

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