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Managing your personal information in Stream

In Stream you can change how your personal information is displayed. You can enter the name you wish people to see, hide or show your email address, receive email notifications for forum postings either with the full message or just headings, enter additional details about yourself and even upload a photo.

Editing your profile in Stream 

  1. Access your profile under the Settings block which is usually located in the left-hand column (Fig 1).

    Settings block in Stream  
    Fig 1 – Settings block.

  2. Click My profile settings (A) and then Edit profile (B) (Fig 2).

    Edit profile example
    Fig 2 – Edit profile.

  3. Edit your details as required (Fig 3).
    A. Enter the name you wish people to see.
    B. Hide or show your email address.
    C. Receive email notifications for forum postings either with the full message or just headings.
    D. Select a country.
    E. Enter some details about yourself.

    Edit details example
    Fig 3 – Profile settings.

  4. Click Update profile to save your changes (Fig 4).
    Update profile button  
    Fig 4 – Update profile button.

Upload and display a photo of yourself

  1. In the User picture section (Fig 1) you can add a picture by either: 
    A. Clicking Add... and uploading an image or
    B. Dragging and dropping an image into the drag and drop area.
    C. Provide a description for the picture.

    Add picture in Stream example
    Fig 1 - Add a photo to your profile.

  2. Click Update profile to save your changes (Fig 2).
    Update profile button
    Fig 2 – Update profile button.

Updating your time zone

The Stream calendar runs on NZ time.

If you would like Stream to display deadlines and meeting times in your own local time, you must set your time-zone.

First you need to find out your local Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). If you type in UTC and your town, state and country name into an internet search engine like Google, this information is easy to find.

Then set your UTC using the drop down list under Timezone while you are editing your profile. (See Fig 1.)

Time zone

Fig 1 - Time zone setting in Stream profile.


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