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How much can students borrow?

Students are eligible to borrow loans up to their cost of attendance less any alternative education income such as grants, or study-related employment.

The amount students need to borrow over the course of their degree will vary according to: access to private funds, employment opportunities, lifestyle choices, practicum selection, prevailing exchange rates, planned travel, and whether they obtain NZ Permanent Residence. Find out more about the cost of study by contacting the Financial Aid Administrator.

The cost of attendance is the expected cost that the average student will incur to complete their programme of study at Massey University. Each component of the cost of attendance calculation is reviewed annually, once the University's fees have been set. Cost of attendance elements can include some or all of the following:

Programme tuition fees
The tuition fee component is dependent on your programme of study at Massey University. For information on the International Student tuition fees by programme please refer to the fees section. Tuition fees are charged at domestic rates for students with NZ Citizenship or Permanent Residence.

Non-tuition fees
The compulsory non-tuition fees differ according to the Massey University campus you attend. Certain programmes also have a Practical Work Service component. Both types of fees are factored into your cost of attendance. Read more about non-tuition fees.

Student insurance
An allowance equivalent to the University default insurance premium is included in the cost of attendance. See more about compulsory insurance for international students. A provision for insurance is not included in the calculation for students with NZ Citizenship or NZ Permanent Residence.

Books and supplies allowance
An allowance of NZD$1,000 is included in the cost of attendance for books and supplies; this is pro-rated for students studying for shorter periods or part-time. An additional allowance for vet supplies is permitted for students in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science. 

Living allowance
The living costs allowance includes the cost of rent, utilities, food, and personal expenses. It varies according to campus to reflect the cost of living in each city. For programmes that require a practical component be completed during vacation time, an additional living allowance is included for the required duration of the component.

Travel allowance
Each student is awarded an amount equivalent to a return flight to New Zealand (NZD$3,500 allowance) for each year of study; this is not provided to students with NZ Citizenship or Permanent Residence.

An additional travel allowance, equivalent to the average cost of a bus pass, is included for students studying on the Albany and Wellington campuses. Bus travel is free on the Manawatu campus.

Allowances for purchase of a motor vehicle are not permitted.

Child Care Costs
Care costs for a dependent child may be eligible for inclusion. If this applies to you please contact the Financial Aid Administrator.

Loan fees
An allowance is made to cover the cost of loan fees.


Please contact the Financial Aid Administrator if you have any questions on the costs that are covered under your Cost of Attendance.

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