University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), USA

Open to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students

UNCG.jpg Greensboro is in the south-east of the United States, about 3 hours' drive from Atlanta city, 2 hours' from Washington D.C. and 6 hours' drive from the Big Apple, New York City.  With a population of about 258,000, Greensboro is North Carolina's third largest city.  It is 3.5 hours' drive from the Atlantic coast, and 2 hours' from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

"North Carolina is comparable to New Zealand in that its mountains and coastline are both easily accessible and there are countless natural attractions for even the most adrenalin-crazed Kiwi outdoorsman." (Carsten Grimm, Massey student on exchange in 2005)

UNCG's Adventure Trips and Clinics Program offers UNCG students the opportunity to participate in various outdoor recreational activities around the region, including canoeing, caving, hiking, rock climbing, and sea kayaking.

As a public institution more than a century old, UNCG has assumed its place among top-tier universities in North Carolina.  It has a superb music department ranked in the top 5% in the US. Known for groundbreaking research, community service, caring faculty, and high-quality education, the university equips students with the best tools for the future.

UNCG's International Programs Center (IPC) matches incoming exchange students with a local UNCG student to help new students settle in.  The IPC also organises social events for international students throughout the year.

Student Testimonials

You can read what other Massey students have written about going on exchange to UNCG.

Exchange Student Travel Grant

New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who apply to go on exchange to UNCG are automatically considered for a Massey University Exchange Student Travel Grant.  No additional paperwork needs to be submitted.

Credit System

Students should take 15 semester credits.  This should equate to 60 Massey credits. Students who study within the Bryan School of Business and Economics are limited to taking 12 credit hours each semester. 12 credit hours should transfer back as 45 Massey credits.   You will need to register for courses in outside of the Bryan School to earn the equivalent of 60 Massey credits.

Course Codes

Courses numbered 200-299 at UNCG equate to 100-level at Massey. 300-399 courses equate to 200-level courses at Massey. 400-499 Courses equate to 300-level at Massey.

Some pages on the UNCG website list additional codes in parentheses after the course title.  The first number is always the number of credits the class is worth.  The second number shows how many hours the class meets each week unless a third number is listed.  In this case, the second number shows how many hours students are expected to dedicate to work outside of the classroom and the third number shows how many hours the class meets each week. 

For example, NTR 302 Nutrition Education and Application Processes (3:3) is a three credit course that meets for three hours per week.  BIO 277 Human Physiology (4:3:3) is a four credit course where students are expected to dedicate three hours of work outside the classroom and meet in class for three hours per week.

Academic Calendar

The Fall semester begins in August and ends in December.  The Spring semester begins in January and ends in May.


Education, Music, Arts, Business, Health/ Performance, Sports Science and more…

Nursing, Clinical Psychology, and graduate level English courses are not available to exchange students.  Also, several Media Studies courses, including MST 197, 204, 205, 301, 271, 272, 399 and 400 level internship study courses, are not available to exchange students.


Adequate health insurance is required by law for all exchange students going to the USA.  Travel insurance alone will not provide the appropriate coverage.  Health insurance plans in the USA are typically more expensive than plans in New Zealand.

Be sure you check the university’s insurance requirements and enrol in the appropriate plan.


You will need to have a J-1 exchange visitor visa to enter the U.S. You cannot study full-time at the university on either a B-2 tourist visa or the visa waiver program.

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