Computer Science and Information Technology

comp-tech.jpg Massey's expertise and research within this fast-paced industry are helping to solve everyday problems. As computers are used in nearly every area of life, Massey will continue to discover more efficient ways of doing things using the latest technologies.

Our expertise

Software engineering

All aspects of the development of new and innovative software systems. Developing test policies and risk strategies for improving quality and productivity of offshore/in-house development of software projects in enterprises.

Manawatu contact: A/Pro Jens Dietrich
Albany contact: Dr Anuradha Mathran


Technology-enhanced learning

Building on learning theories and educational foundations to advance work on learning styles, adaptation, meta-cognition, and intelligent tutoring. Using mobile technologies for innovative learning solutions.

Manawatu contact: A/Pro Eva Heinrich
Albany contact: A/Pro David Parsons


Smart environments for home and industry

Designing smart programmes that recognise complex behaviours and objects. Machine learning and computing on "invisible" devices.

Manawatu contact: Prof Hans Guesgen
Albany contact: Dr Teo Susnjak


Scientific computing

Research ranging from building mathematical models for complex systems (such as traffic flow) to studying their dynamical behaviour. The use of parallel processors, ranging from multi-core CPUs to data-parallel accelerators, for scientific simulations and other computationally intensive tasks.

Manawatu contact: Prof Stephen Marsland
Albany contact: Dr Arno Leist


Human-computer interaction and socio-technical design

Design of innovative interfaces, including those based on gestures. Socio-technical design explores social technologies like Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube.

Manawatu contact: Paul Lyons
Albany contact: Dr Brian Whitworth


Informatics and Knowledge Engineering for the Connected Sensing World

Investigation and development of concepts, approaches, algorithms and novel knowledge-based systems for comprehensive, secure and private, integrated, personalised and active diet, nutrition, health and lifestyle information. Strategic and innovative implementation of knowledge-bases and decision support systems that make use of the Cloud and Internet of Things for solving problems in Healthcare, Agriculture, Law, Food and Nutrition, and Sports and Exercise. See HIKER Group

Manawatu contact: Dr Kuda Dube 

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Sensing independence for elderly

With a shift in the age of the population, it has become apparent that it will be increasingly difficult to find appropriate care for the elderly. 

Along with St. John Ambulance, Massey has begun a trial of installing artificial intelligence sensors in the homes of the elderly to help them live independently for longer, in a non-instructive way. 

The sensors make a profile of individual sand track their daily patterns. When something out of the ordinary occurs, such as no movement for a certain period of time, an alert is sent to the server, which is followed up with a phone call or visit to the household.

The system, which is like no other in the New Zealand market, is still at the test phase and being fine-tuned. Once it is fully operational, Massey hopes the system will allow more New Zealanders to enjoy their own homes and freedom for longer.

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