Built Environment

built-environment.jpg The built environment and construction industry is an important sector to New Zealand, contributing $51 billion a year to the economy. Massey is conducting research and development to create better efficiencies, resilience and sustainable buildings.

Staff within the Massey University Built Environment cluster can deliver research, consultancy and professional development courses in this important area, specialising in construction management, sustainable and healthy buildings, productivity and lighting.

Our expertise

Construction contracts

The construction contract is the key tool to manage the costs, quality and time issues of complex infrastructure projects. When a construction contract is disputed, it costs all parties very large amounts of money to interpret the contract. This delays works, increases costs and strains relationships. Staff within the Built Environment cluster have expertise on drafting building contracts so that the contract is more succinct and easily interpreted.

The proposed new format for contracts can be populated with risk assignment clauses as required for each project. Dispute resolution of building contracts and adjudication is also an area of strength within the cluster.

We also have expertise in arbitration and dispute resolution.

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Green buildings

Green buildings are growing in necessity and market acceptance in New Zealand. Staff within the Built Environment cluster are active in working with green building solutions and projects on energy efficiency. Preparation of buildings for emergency response and earthquake-proofing is another strength of the Built Environment cluster.

This area also overlaps with the environmental engineering resources and the Centre for Energy Research within the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology.

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Productivity of construction contracts

Productivity is the most important area for increasing profits of the sector. Improvements in the productivity affect the bottom line of construction contracts. Reduction of waste, efficient inventory of components, efficient use of plant, machinery and labour, and reduction of errors are all features of a productive construction site.

We have expertise in productive construction-site management, including the reduction of waste, efficient inventory of components, and efficient use of plant, machinery and labour.

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Healthy and sustainable buildings

Poor Indoor air in buildings has been identified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as one of the top five threats to human health in developed countries. Staff within the Built Environment cluster are active in both research and consultancy in this arena including ventilation and heating and control of moisture in buildings.

Research is being conducted on factors that create healthy and safe buildings. This includes ventilation, heating, moisture control, energy efficiency and ensuring buildings are earthquake resilient.


Energy efficient and innovative lighting

Energy efficient lighting is taught in a specialist graduate certificate and in postgraduate courses. A new state of the art laboratory is available for testing of lighting performance, energy consumption of new lighting technologies and research and development of new illuminaires. Research and consultancy expertise in the area focuses on energy efficient lighting and innovative solutions.

A state-of-the-art laboratory is available at Massey on our Albany campus for testing light equipment and lamps. It has the capacity for spectral analysis, energy analysis and performance, as well as the development of lighting fixtures.

We offer lighting education and independent laboratory facilities at our Albany campus. Find out more about lighting

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Smart buildings

Staff within the Built Environment cluster in conjunction with mechatronics and artificial intelligence experts within the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology work to develop smart housing solutions. Their emphasis on energy savings, personal safety and labour savings solutions. Developing smart housing solutions, with an emphasis on energy savings, personal safety and labour-saving solutions.

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Staff are available to provide consultancy to companies and organisations. This can range from a brief meeting to an in depth research or development contract.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD courses are offered either to industry groups or can be tailored to the specific in-house needs of individual companies. We have delivered courses on building technology to industry groups. We host an annual seminar on the recent advancements in lighting and courses on adjudication will be offered in 2012.


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