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Dr Tracy Hale staff profile picture

Contact details +64 (06) 356 9099  ext. 84741

Dr Tracy Hale

Group Leader

School of Fundamental Sciences

I'm a cellular and molecular biologist whose research interests are focussed on chromatin biology and its dysfunction during tumorigenesis.  Present research within my laboratory investigates the functional organisation of the genome within the nucleus, specifically the role of Heterochromatin Protein 1α, guanine quadruplex (G4) assemblies and histone H1 in mediating the partitioning of chromatin into domains of highly compacted heterochromatin .   Also under investigation in the laboratory, is how the alter organisation of heterochromatin organisation, observed during tumorigensis, alters nuclear integrity thus contributing to the malignant phenotype.


Contact details

  • Ph: DDI +64 6 9517741
    Location: Office - ScC2.06, Science Tower C/D stairwell
    Campus: Turitea
  • Location: Laboratory - ScD3.14, Science Tower D
    Campus: Turitea

Research Expertise

Research Interests

Chromatin Biology

Cancer Biology


Health and Well-being

Area of Expertise

Field of research codes
Biochemistry and Cell Biology (060100): Biological Sciences (060000):
Cancer Cell Biology (111201):
Cell and Nuclear Division (060402): Epigenetics (incl. Genome Methylation and Epigenomics) (060404): Genetics (060400):
Medical And Health Sciences (110000): Oncology and Carcinogenesis (111200)

Research Projects

Summary of Research Projects

Position Current Completed
Project Leader 2 16

Completed Projects

Project Title: Targeting HP1 regulated pathways to suppress breast cell invasion

Date Range: 2016 - 2018

Funding Body: Health Research Council of New Zealand

Project Team:

Research Outputs

Teaching and Supervision

Courses Coordinated

Summary of Doctoral Supervision

Position Current Completed
Supervisor 1 1
Co-supervisor 3 3

Current Doctoral Supervision

Supervisor of:

  • Ruby Roach - Doctor of Philosophy
    Untangling protein- G-quadruplex interactions in heterochromatin formation

Co-supervisor of:

  • Bruce Chilton - Doctor of Philosophy
    Development of modified DNA duplexes containing kinetically trapped G-quadruplexes
  • Andy Li - Doctor of Philosophy
    Characterisation of pseudogene-like EP400NL in chromatin remodelling and transcriptional regulation
  • Wei Jun Tan - Doctor of Philosophy
    Investigating the role of HDAC4 in Drosophila brain development and memory formation.

Completed Doctoral Supervision

Supervisor of:

  • 2017 - Sarah Bond - Doctor of Philosophy
    Histone H1 phosphorylation during mitosis

Co-supervisor of:

  • 2019 - Patrick Main - Doctor of Philosophy
    Investigating the role of HDAC4 subcellular distribution in Drosophila development and memory
  • 2018 - Yonathan Lukito - Doctor of Philosophy
    Epigenetic regulation of Epichloë festucae secondary metabolite biosynthesis and symbiotic interaction with Lolium perenne
  • 2017 - Silvia Schwartz - Doctor of Philosophy
    Investigating the role of Histone Deacetylase HDAC4 in long-term memory formation

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